The seven million square kilometers of forest around the Amazon River and its tributaries, an area larger than Europe as a pumón immense work for the planet, because clean the air by removing carbon dioxide, which is one of the main gases produced the greenhouse effect and global warming, and expel oxygen.

This carbon captured by photosynthesis is stored in the trunks, leaves and soil, but the incessant movement of the agricultural frontier in search of more arable land is releasing these gases from his prison.


Waira Suites Hotel is located in the Colombian Amazon, see, and know, is a magical place that wakes us much environmental awareness, discover whether Amazon has a positive effect or not in the planetary system of carbon recycling is fundamental to understanding climate change and take steps to combat it, according to scientists. That will be a priority for next year called the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA), according Wickland.

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